Like it or not “Politics” still plays a factors in “how PTHS is run

Digging a little deeper into” One Proviso” has been the most viewed post so far. Being election season for the 209 Board of Education might be a factor. Don’t let online popularity mask for genuine public awareness. Stats from 2015 election shows the lowest voter turnout of register voters in a decade. Why are people NOT digging deeper into One Proviso is a good question . A better question is, “What will take it to get more voters to the polls/) What do you think? What do want to know?

Observing Public Education High School Experience

   From a chapter in my book Curious Proviso about politics

Proviso Township High Schools has always had both underground and overground  action based on  political roots. Legitimized centralized control was the dominant factor in governance at Proviso High School.   In the first decade of the Twentieth Century, to satisfy the public need of providing a public education system, the forms of county, township and municipality governments would be temporarily aligned. Established in 1908. Proviso Township opened Proviso High School on unincorporated Cook County property in Maywood Illinois.   A sister campus, Proviso West High School opened in Hillside Illinois in 1958. The original Proviso campus was renamed Proviso East.  Both campuses were to serve the residents of Proviso Township. Interestingly as the formation of school districts among shared borders proceeded, River Forest Illinois de-annexed itself from Proviso Township in 1908 to form a separate high school district with Oak Park…

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Viewing “the workplace” as a perspective for discussion of all public schools

A short post today Experience in the classroom for both the student and  teacher often get overlooked in the  public education debate. ( especially during election season). I have come to believe t…

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